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Elite family welcomes Alex!

London Elite basketball club is very happy to welcome to its family Alex O’Neill. He  will be responsible for coaching our 2nd U18’s National league squad. Alex started his coaching pathway when he was 17 and  he took up assistance coach role at Oakland Wolves U16 and U14 boys team alongside Head coach of u14 development squad. He continued his coaching journey at Plymouth University, where he studied Strength and conditioning. Alex was responsible for men and women University teams . He is currently holding level 2 basketball coach certificate alongside foundation degree in S&C.

Our Director Daniel Szatkowski said:” Alex is a great, promising  young coach. He stands perfectly for London Elite philosophy of developing coaches in UK. Alex  has great attitude in place, and what is most important willing to learn. His degree directly applies into modern basketball so we see Alex as one of  brightest coaches coming up in UK basketball.”

Coach Alex O’Neill will be given big task as he will take Head Coach position of our 2nd U18 team which competes in National league and CBL.  Due to high interest in our program we had to open 2nd team to provide enough competition for boys representing London Elite in 19/20.

This is what Alex had to say: “As a young coach, one of the hardest things is finding a club that give you a great opportunity to grow and learn. Here with London Elite, I’ve come across an opportunity to put my degree in strength and conditioning sports coaching into practice. It also allows me a chance to gain more experience and develop myself further in coaching, as I have been placed into a club surrounded by high-quality coaching from all age groups”

We are happy to see Alex as part of our growing family and we will update you regularly about  Alex and  his team progress!

You can always contact us on [email protected] for more info.

U18’s new plan of action

London Elite U18’s plans are here! We are happy to announce that in season 2020/21 our squads will compete in National league, CBL and European Youth Basketball League (EYBL).

Provision of these competition will create unique platform in best possible exposure for players during 20/21 campaign.

A major change within the team will be Coach Daniel stepping down and handing team to coach Kieran Matthews. This is what he had to say:

“It was right time for me to hand this talented team into hands of Kieran. I see him as one of better upcoming coaches in whole UK. I am sure this is going to be really exciting project!”

Our home for U18/s will be Capital City Academy, which is fantastic venue with 500 bleaches plus attractive location in north west London.

Coach Kieran Matthews said:

“I’m 24 been coaching since I was 16. I can’t wait to take the u18s national and 17s EYBL. As a coach it’s a step up for me , as up until now I’ve mainly worked with u16 and academy players. I’ve been working with Elite players, who have gone on to do great things for some time, so I know I’m ready for any challenges ahead. I think this is going to be a great experience. My philosophy as a coach is very simple. I’m big believer in positionless basketball as-well as encouraging players to Think for themselves. I coach guys for the NEXT level for where they WANT to be not what we need know.”

“As a coach I am the tough love guy, I push the guys as much as I can to get the best out of them on and off the court. My priority with these guys is to develop Top level athletes who can achieve their goals and compete in the highest level league in Europe but also help them become good and disciplined people.” Coach Matthews continues.

Elite squad will benefit from everyday training with highly qualified coaches while will have access to compete in ABL too.

Head Coach Kieran Matthews will be available on Zoom on Saturday 9th of May at 3 pm. Link will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram profiles. Do not miss this opportunity to find out more details about his philosophy, opportunities and what support you will receive in reaching your basketball goals!

Welcome to the family Adam!

Regardless of current lockdown situation, our club has not ceased working. Our director Daniel Szatkowski is fully focused on improving structures of the club to be 100% ready for day 1 of returning to our biggest passion, which is playing and training basketball everyday.

As first season proved we have unbelievable squad of coaches and supporters, we understood that certain parts of players development were reaching beyond their even advanced knowledge. This led the club into introducing Adam Bourjij to our London Elite team, who will be responsible for injury prevention and treatment. Adam will work on overall understanding of joint movement as he is fully qualified as Osteopath.

Coach Daniel said:” To have Adam with us is truly a blessing. His knowledge and experience is greatly recognisable and I am more then convinced that he will bring additional quality in development for our players. It is another sign London Elite is absolutely focusing on development and investing in better quality of service”

This is what Adam said:”It’s a true pleasure to officially join London Elite. My previous great professional experience with Daniel convinced me when I was making my decision and I am really excited to be part of this project and helping club growing in an optimal environment. As an Osteopath, the key is in prevention of injuries, which is true for players but also for everyone in general”

“By having a fair postural assessment, examining key areas of the body, you will be able to tailor the most suitable treatment and program to stay healthy whether you need to get ready for the games ahead or facing daily challenges!” Aam continues.

Adam will work from season 2020/21 however he is happy to help during lockdown with great workouts which will be posted on our social media.He collected amazing experience while working with London Wasp Rugby club and with some Olympian sprinters through Speedworks program.

Head to Instagram and Facebook tomorrow for his first injury prevention. We believe he will truly improve preparation of our players and we are excited to see what Adam can bring into our Elite family!