Sixteen full months. Sixteen months of waiting. Probably longest and most difficult time for our club. However the wait is over. We are excited to confirm that in season 2021/22 we will be participating in 3 different age groups of European Youth Basketball League. Our club has entered boys teams into U16, U17 and U20 age groups. EYBL CE has been expanding internationally, providing a good level of competition and great experiences across 21 countries, 100+ teams, with 26 stages annually.

EYBL CE Director Balazs Radics said:” We are happy to welcome London Elite in the European Youth Basketball League again, after working together with Daniel Szatkowski for many years we are looking forward to have his Club competing for EYBL in 2021/22 season.”

Our teams will play in minimum of 2 stages with possibility of 3rd stage of play offs for top 5 teams. In previous years boys came close to play offs stage. This time our squads head into competition after solid period of preparation which allows us believe we will be very competitive on this level. First stage is set to take place in period September 21′- December 21′ with 2nd stage taking place January 22′-February 22′.

Our General Manager Daniel Szatkowski said:” We have missed this competition so much. We play in lots of great leagues however EYBL is a prime competition where boys are able to gain unreplaceable experience playing overseas. Those tournaments are helping our teams mature and develop their pro mindset. News of us returning to this competition is something we have been waiting for. Indeed, we have been longing for..”

Each squad will start preparation in early August to make sure teams are ready for upcoming European campaign. we can confirm that coach Mauro DiNunzio will be in charge of U16, Coach Kieran Matthews will run U17 while Coach Daniel will take our oldest group, U20’s. We will confirm details as soon as hey become available.

Should you be interested in trying out for any of these teams, please contact [email protected] or sent a message to 07453314867.

Coach Lee Welcome Aboard!

Coach Lee welcome to the team! We are thrilled to have you at London Elite . With your exceptional skills and expertise, our dynamic club will progress to new heights! We are excited to have you onboard

Lee, level 3 coach has already over 18 years of experience in coaching different levels in UK. From EABL, ABL level, across national league U18 all the way to community coaching. His range of experience is well known and respected across basketball community in United Kingdom. Lee McCarthy started his basketball journey with a junior program of London Towers where he won National league titles in all age groups. Having finished junior basketball he moved on to Senior level where he won Division 1 championship with Reading Rockets. He continued his professional career in Turkey and Portugal before returning to BBL.

In 2008 coach Lee opened Bucks Hornets club based in Aylesbury area which competed at National League level, then in 2018 moved to south London and took the Head Coach role at Harris Academy Crystal Palace. This year coach Lee McCarthy will take over U12 squad in our domestic competitions for reminder of season 20/21. His experience in basketball will significantly assist our club in providing best basketball development pathway and will be a valuable and terrific asset. Here is what he had to say: “I am passionate about developing elite players both on and off the court. There’s little more satisfying as a coach than seeing a young player I have worked with develop some of the skills and personal attributes needed to eventually perform at the top level. I’m really excited to be joining London Elite”

Our club is committed to providing best possible provision, therefore adding Coach Lee is another step to building amazing club. His role will be in leading our talented U12 team in domestic competitions while we are looking on adding international tournament in this summer. Check quote from our GM Daniel Szatkowski:

Our u12 squad is still open for taking new members. If you are interested in taking part in this exciting project, please contact coach Daniel on 07453314867 or [email protected]

Season update

With lockdown coming slowly to the end with clear map for return to play  on the horizon, we are truly delighted to inform you that outdoor U18’s trainings will resume from 29th of March while indoor session will start on 12th of April 2021 . Men’s team will follow younger squads on 17th May. While the things we take for granted slowly return to our lives those positive news is something we really looking forward to.

Our General Manager Daniel Szatkowski said: “This lockdown was in particular hard for our players, as shortly before Christmas all teams were ready for start of the season. There is a big challenge for all staff at London Elite to make sure we can provide as much as possible for what is left of 20/21 season.”

With positive news of return to trainings, we are happy to confirm that our U18 squads will restart their Community Basketball League from 16th of May 2021 . This will provide much needed mental booster for boys and girls who were kept away from game they love so much. We are adamant about getting this return right, and minimising the risk to our players, coaches and families, so  as a club we will make sure all safety procedures are in place .

Club is planning on strengthening theirs community presence with new projects being planted to ensure young people have access to basketball.

Those positive news can mean one: we returning to work with appreciation for each day on court we get!

2020 Review

2020 is the year to be remembered. We look back in what happened in previous calendar year. Our club has grown in strength despite all obstacles we faced.

SEASON 19/20

Season 19/20 was cut short due to lockdown being imposed however we look back to our EYBL experience keeping our heads high. In first year of entering club performed on great level against top European competition.

It led to some of our players receiving individual awards of prestigious All Star 5 of tournaments. Aaron Pyne and Israel Olalekan shined at U17 level while Matthew Disu collected this award for his great performance at U20 level. Head Coach Daniel Szatkowski said: “It is shame we never got to finish U17’s season but overall experience showed we belonged to that high level of basketball and can perform against great clubs”

Our Club always priorities development as a key for success. In season 19/20 our talented U12 squad was crowned champions of CBL Division 1! This is outstanding achievement bearing in mind how competitive the league was. Boys showed amazing commitment and heart for the game. This successful campaign would not be possible without impact that our young guard Kaya Birsen had on a team. On many occasions Kaya led our team and earned himself a MVP of the league title. We cannot miss the fact that our top scorer Anton Safin was named to All Star 5 of the league. Well done!


We could not achieve our goals if it was not for our partners. We are fully delighted that from season 20/21 we have taken our partnership with London School of Basketball to whole new level. It creates unique combination and helps London players to take their game to next level while studying at Capital City Academy.

London Elite has entered 8 teams into national league, and 9 teams into CBL for upcoming season 20/21. It is linked to heavy increase of members in our club. It is worth to mention that heading into 2020 year we had 80 members while by Christmas 2020 time this number was 140!

Our European campaign not only continues, but has been expanded by adding U16 boys and U18 Girls. It gives 4 squads an opportunity to take part in European league in season 20/21! We are proud to say that we have made history as first British team to enter European Girls Basketball league. Head Coach William Twigg said: “Great opportunities for girls and women in our sport right now. I believe London Elite will optimise every experience for them in the EGBL and other leagues at U18s international level”

It was always obvious for us that we cannot be sure on when domestic leagues will start. However we focused on things we can control. We organised and played 30 friendly games between August and Christmas. It provided great replacement for lack of leagues that are delayed till at least March/April 2021.

Shortly before Christmas we have opened our clubs merchandise shop which provides all sort of clothing accessories at affordable level. It is another step club is taking towards bright future, but also a gives a way of direct support of club to stay afloat during current uncertain times .


Our Head Coach Daniel Szatkowski said:” 2020 was a year of growth for us. Lockdowns imposed on UK did not help at all however we prevailed despite obstacles. We are currently in another lockdown which is frustrating. However I am sure and confident that determination of coaches, parents and players will not only allow us to pull through these times, but we will come out of it stronger. You will see in 2021 what London Elite is. New competitions added, new equipment, new pathways to America and Europe. New coaches and even more fun in this basketball journey”

Merchandise shop is live!

2020 is by far the most challenging time Elite had to face. Trying to survive between numerous question marks around it’s not the easiest thing to do. London Elite is always driven by passion for youth basketball players from our capital.

There has been not a single day that our devoted GM Daniel Szatkowski and fantastic coaching staff would spend without thinking how to deliver even better quality service to the club, its members and our young Londoners.

With lockdown coming to the end we can not wait to see our players hitting court again and working on what they love most: Basketball. Contrary to what you may expect, during lockdown club was not frozen or idle . We decided to make the most of this time, be creative and progressive. The fruit of this is a unique Elite merchandise stock with brand new designs and adequate selling platform . Our website Manager Onur Birsen alongside Media Head Ivan Grotsev lined up with Coach Daniel’s wife Eva to created amazing platform with products which were not available before. Our GM Daniel Szatkowski said:

To have such an amazing team of people who are devoted to constant work on improvement of club, it is nothing short of miracle. Energy, creativity and commitment is something what makes this club such a strong organisation to overcome Covid-19 crisis. Branding of our club has been taken to another level”

In our shop section you can purchase multiple items, some of which can be personlised. From hats, through accessories and game uniforms into jackets and bags. This shop is place where you can find a lot of helpful items. Simple head to Shop | London Elite and follow instructions for free UK delivery. Enjoy!

Needles to say is that the selling platform has been created to support London Elite Club us during difficult COVID-19 time and every purchase counts towards helping us to stay afloat . We want to maintain our focus on serving young people and local communities. Hopefully you will find something special for this unique Christmas gift adequate for every Basketball lover no matter the age.

Whole New Level

We are thrilled to announce that from season 20/21 we are extending our partnership with London School of Basketball to whole new level.

Our club has grown into leading force of basketball program that provides opportunities from grassroots basketball all the way to international experience. In first year of existing we have grown in numbers from 60 to over 180. We have signed extra 5 coaches and extended competitions. From upcoming season we will be providing National League platform, EYBL exposure to U17 and U20 to all Capital City Academy students who already compete in ABL

This did not go unnoticed as CEO of LSB Nhamo Shire said: “London Elite are a rapidly rising and hugely ambitious club who are already active in Europe and domestic leagues, so offer our Capital City Academy players some excellent outlets in terms of ongoing progression and exposure.  However, their commitment to the grassroots is what most impressed me as we discussed linking in with them.  They are already heavily involved in over 15 primary schools across Brent and Ealing with many more to come.  Setting up the complete pathway pyramid from beginner through to elite is something we are keen to get behind and so will be supporting London Elite in a number of ways in the months and years ahead as we continue to develop the game across the region”

Capital City Academy is located in borough of Brent and offers great education courses alongside amazing basketball set up. Facilities are well known to London basketball players as 500 seater venue will be a home for London Elite Div 3, U18 and U16 in new season.

The LSB, in partnership with Capital City Academy, has launched a new scholarship program for gifted & talented student-athletes enrolled at the Capital City Basketball Academy. Scholarship bursaries range from £500-£1,500 per year, per award and may be used to support direct training costs with eligible areas including travel, equipment, kit, specialist coaching, tutoring, and video performance analysis all geared towards elite performance.

Director Daniel Szatkowski said:” It is no brainer that our vision and LSB vision is pretty much same. We have massive grassroots platform and create pathway all the way to EYBL competitions. With support of Ambassador program, Trip for prestigious BBT tournament in Belgrade, Unique recruitment platform and SAT back up at Capital city… we are destine for success. Lots of hard work but i am confident myself and coach Kieran Matthews can deliver unique championship environment.”

Additionally to our EYBL trips, National League competition we provide for Capital City players we can officially confirm our attendance in Belgrade Basketball Tournament organised by Serbian powerhouse: Partizan Belgrade. Please see all details https://www.london-basketball.com/titans-set-sights-on-serbia/

Should you express an interest and you believe you have what it takes to gain unique experience please apply here: https://www.london-basketball.com/capital-city-trial/.

Elite girls make history!

London Elite is really proud and excited to announce that our U18 girls’ team will follow pathway of boy’s teams and in season 2020/21 participating in European Girls basketball league!This is the first ever British Girls team to participate in such prestigious league. Our girls will play against top competitive teams from Europe and have opportunity to travel to different countries. Inseason 2020/21 there are currently teams from 22 countries signed up.

Our club’s director Daniel Szatkowski said:“It is truly outstanding news to girls’ basketball community in UK. Having a girls youth team in EGBL is not only history being made, but truly platform for any girl wanting to take their game to highest level of basketball league. I am more then excited to see how this project progress.”

We are happy to confirm that William Twigg is taking over Head Coach position for this exciting project. Merlin Piscitelli will be assistant coach for campaign 2020/21. Coach Twigg comments:

“I am really looking forward to coming on board with London Elite. Great opportunities for girls and women in our sport right now and I believe London Elite will optimise every experience for them in the EYBL and other leagues at U18s international level.”Please take this opportunity to get familiar with Coach William in more detail at our website coaches’ section.

Our squad will travel three times to Poland or Latvia. They will play 15 games with results counting towards the league table. Should we make the top 4 we will proceed to play off stage organised in late April 2021 London Elite prides itself in supporting initiatives which creates unique platform for girls in London to take game to upper level.Girls Team is going to train at Capital city Academy in North West London with frequent friendly games as a part of preparation. Should you express any interest please email [email protected] or call our director Daniel on 07453314867

These girls can!

London Elite basketball club is pleased to reveal plans for girls teams in season 2020/21. With current season coming to the end, we saw our group of girls going through ups and downs of their first ever experience in basketball. Girls section within our club is yet to see its best and we are more than confident that our girls group is heading in the right direction.

We are proud to announce that coach Afiz Olaniyan would be the head coach for girls team.What he brings with him is a vast level of expertise and knowledge which contributes to high level coaching delivery at Elite. The team led by him has just entered into U14 girls national league team.

Speaking about the past season , coach Afiz said:

“I think for the first season the girls did well. Most of them hadn’t played in organised basketball games outside of a school setting but they didn’t let it faze them. I’m very happy with their growth and look forward to helping them develop even more next season”

After first ever U12 games our girls collected much needed experience which instilled the right values , shaped their development which will hopefully be visible in their further basketball journey next season. In season 19/20 our girls collected first ever win and showed potential which sent a strong message that they are able to achieve even more.

National League U14 will allow girls to play in home and away format which practically means our home venue Alec Reed will see our girls play basketball proudly wearing Elite logo! Our program director Daniel Szatkowski said:

” I have to give credit to coach Afiz, players and parents for making this happen. I saw them girls improving so much that it is pure joy to see them continue. We will support our girls section in all possible way!”

During lockdown period we are allowed to hold small group up to 5 players trials. Please contact coach Afiz or email [email protected]

Stars on the rise…

With the end of season 19/20 we have finally time to reflect on progress and achievements London Elite u14 team.  We find it very remarkable what our kids have been able to accomplish. Club which was just launched last summer , still in development stage and many unanswered questions was accepted into its first competitive season. Our team jumped into deep waters with straight placement into Division 1 of CBL.Our young squad quickly established themselves in top of the league winning against teams from across the capital. Coach Matt reflected over the season:

“In the season opener a tentative London Elite Under 14’s seemed to enjoyed the environment and occasion but found it hard playing the emphasized tough defence and teamwork. Roll on some two or so months and you would not have recognized that young excited fresh faced team. An Xmas tournament grew and matured the this team, friendship forged through hard fought games, silence replaced with laughter and hardwork. The team finish with an amazing 4 – 2 but if they this season had ever continued as a group they knew they was going to do something special. An amazing learning experience for me as a coach and definite for the players. Roll on next season – same again please!”

As season went by, some of our individuals improved massively. Likes of fiercy guards J.Midha (season MVP) and I.Manderson (coaches best) enjoyed guidance of experience coach in Matt Williams. With another amazing opportunity to play abroad at Coca Cola tournament in Belgium, we witnessed amazing journey of boys development to their potential with raising confidence, putting forth their best efforts to fight for the win . This experience will definitely help them to continue marching into their dream basketball pathway.

London Elite U14’s team might have finished first season with high hopes however, our coaching work behind the scenes is still active . All of our coach team proactively use this time to develop , progress and bond so when the season comes we are prepare to fight with determination to keep the basketball coaching up to the best standards for all our kids.

In season 20/21 London Elite will play in Div 1 CBL alongside playing National league with home court venue still being Alec Reed Academy! With likes of George Coultas-Pitman (Most improved) and Christopher Abdelmasih will lead our young squads under coach Matt Williams.

Additionally, our U14 squad will take part in International tournament planned in June 2021 in beautiful town of Wimereux in Northern France. This will provide extra international experience which is one of biggest goals at London Elite Basketball Club.

Should you express an interest in this kind of opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact coach Matt on 07961 606483 or  [email protected]b. We run regularly outdoor sessions you can join in and try out so do not miss this amazing opportunity!

Champions within…

London Elite U12 has been crowned a champions for most competitive Basketball competition there was in season 19/20. In our first season in operation, as a rising force in London basketball we have come first in CBL U12 Division 1!

Since opening first time doors to new members in summer 2019, philosophy of club has been very clear with development as a center point of whole club. Our coach Daniel Szatkowski is a biggest fun of grassroots basketball, spending countless hours in primary schools to get more kids in love with basketball. “We want to put a lot of effort in area where it matters most… grassroots!” Coach Daniel said. It did not take him long before establishing very competitive U12 team with regular sessions taking place at Alec reed Academy in Northolt. Within few month London Elite was able to establish 2nd U12 team providing additional experience to our younger players.

CBL had proven to be extremely competitive league with lots of great talent on teams across London. By far our biggest challange was a American team OWE Zoo Crew which our young squad faced in very first game (link for the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDVjyoE_gfE&feature=emb_title).

Coach Daniel said:”Zoo Crew pushed us all the way in that game. With amazing talent on roster, amazing coaching and one of biggest support in whole league that team was a problem for us. However Safin brothers really stepped up in that game and helped collecting really important win and additional booster in confidence for our boys. Anton collected MVP f the game while his brother Thomas was key factor on offense. I really have to give credit to that Zoo Crew organisation for the great work they do”

One of highlights of the season was Christmas trip to Belgium for Coca cola basketball tournament where our team came 7th of 32 teams proving there is bright future lying ahead of us. With a lot of players still being in u11 age group (K.Birsen, C.Sagun, D.Olusanya, M.Davendra) our team fought really brave against top teams from France, Belgium and Germany. It was definitely great experience and helped boys understand how great basketball journey can be.

We are really happy to see our youngsters shining at London stage and we value every single one of them in their basketball journey. Kaya Birsen was really consistent with all trainings and games showing he cannot be stopped by any other guard in whole league. It is hard to believe Kaya is still U12 next season and will lead our side once again.

In our short history we have managed to collect first ever official Championship and we are truly proud of all support from parents, effort from players and coaches. Our u12 roster for the season was: K.Birsen, M.Davendra, J. Bernadin, A.Safin, T.Safin, C.Sagun, D.Olusanya, E.Aroyo, J.Balaba.

As our season is officially over, we are already planning preparation for campaign 20/21. Look out to our social media for details of coming up trials!