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London Elite Announces Exciting Partnership with Italian Powerhouse Stella Azzurra

London Elite Basketball Club is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Stella Azzurra, a storied basketball club based in the heart of Rome, Italy. Founded in 1938, Stella Azzurra boasts a rich history of producing NBA players and clinching multiple national championships. In 2018, they were the runners-up in the Euroleague Next Generation Tournament, further solidifying their status as one of Europe’s premier basketball clubs.

London Elite, known for its vibrant presence in the UK basketball scene, has already established itself as a trustworthy partner through its numerous national and EYBL titles in recent years. The seeds of this partnership were sown when the General Managers of both clubs, Daniel Szatkowski and Patricio Prato, met during the EYBL U15 stage hosted by Stella Azzurra in Rome.

Reflecting on the encounter, Daniel Szatkowski remarked, “Visiting beautiful Rome and meeting such great people while taking part in a tournament organized to the highest standard, it was a no-brainer that Stella Azzurra is the ideal partner for London Elite.”

The first step in this exciting partnership is a player exchange program, allowing talented athletes from both clubs to participate in each other’s basketball programs. Daniel Olusanya, a promising guard recently selected for the England U15 camp, has already benefited from this collaboration by joining Stella Azzurra for their tournament in Athens, Greece.

Looking ahead, London Elite is planning an eight-day preseason camp in the capital of Italy, where teams will have access to Stella Azzurra’s renowned coaching staff and facilities. This invaluable opportunity will also include friendly matches against top-tier teams, with the added highlight of London Elite’s U18s facing off against an NCAA team with the assistance of Stella Azzurra.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the partnership, Stella Azzurra’GM Patricio Prato stated,“We are very exited in partnering with such a fast growing organization like London Elite, enabling players and teams to have new and enriching experiences. This alliance will propel both clubs to the future”

London Elite is committed to providing regular updates on this dynamic partnership, as it promises to be mutually beneficial for both clubs. Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey together, uniting the best of British and Italian basketball talent.

U14 EYBL Superfinal

Our talented U14 team took part in the last event of season 23-24, the EYBL Superfinal stage in the beautiful town of Sibiu, Romania. Superfinal was a thrilling event, filled with intense, high-level competition and standout performances. Coach Miguel’s team demonstrated remarkable skill and determination, facing a series of challenging games with respectful fight and effort.

Opening Game: Victory Against Spanish Santa Cruz 62-43
Our team started the tournament on a high note, securing a decisive victory against the Spanish team Santa Cruz 62-43. After a slow first half, our players showcased excellent teamwork and strategy, setting a strong tone for the rest of the competition. Highlights can be found here: London Elite (@london_elite_) • Instagram photos and videos

Second Game: Tough Loss to Hungarian Honved Budapest
In their second match, our team faced a formidable opponent in Hungarian Honved Budapest. Despite a valiant effort, we fell short with a score of 63-72, finishing second in our group. Our played fought till final whistle but opposition proved to strong on that day. Highlights: London Elite (@london_elite_) • Instagram photos and videos

Third game: Win Over Polish Side Energa Gdynia
Entering the playoffs, our team was determined to bounce back from the group stage loss. They did just that, delivering a commanding performance against the Polish team Energa Gdynia. The match ended with a 67-50 victory, propelling our team into the final game with renewed confidence.  Highlights: London Elite (@london_elite_) • Instagram photos and videos

Game 4: Defeat by London Stars
The final game of the tournament saw our team face off against the London Stars. Despite a strong start and relentless effort, we were ultimately defeated with a score of 66-80. This match was a testament to the team’s perseverance and skill, even in the face of tough competition. Watch highlights here: London Elite (@london_elite_) • Instagram photos and videos

Coach Miguel McKelvey summed up our 23-24 campaign: “EYBL was a great journey for the boys this year. We traveled to Istanbul, Poland and Romania and played against challenging competition that helped us grow as a team. It played an important role in developing team chemistry, and contributed to our success in the NBL season.”

Individual Accolades
Niko Sagiryan: All-Star 5
Niko Sagiryan’s exceptional performance throughout the tournament earned him a well-deserved spot on the All-Star 5 team. His contributions on the court were vital to our team’s success, showcasing his talent and dedication.

Iggy Zakrzewski: Team MVP
Iggy Zakrzewski was honored as the team’s Most Valuable Player (MVP). His outstanding play and leadership were instrumental in driving the team forward, making him a key player in every game.

The U14 Superfinal stage in Sibiu, Romania, was a remarkable journey for our team. With each of our nine players gaining much-needed experience, the season 23-24 is one for the books and will be remembered fondly. The future is indeed looking bright for our squad, thanks to the dedication and hard work of Coach Miguel and the entire team.

U14 Squad Claims National Championship Title

The Elite U14 basketball squad achieved a remarkable feat by clinching the National Championship title in a thrilling season that will be remembered for years to come.

Having fallen short of victory in the previous season, the team harboured a sense of unfinished business, driving them to elevate their game to new heights. Their journey to the championship was marked by resilience, determination, and outstanding teamwork.

The season commenced with a perfect record of 22-0, propelling the boys into the playoff stage. The path to glory was not without its challenges, as they faced formidable opponents such as the London Warriors and the talented Manchester Giants in the quarterfinals. However, the team’s unwavering resolve saw them through to the Final Four Event, hosted at the prestigious National Performance Center in Manchester.

In the semifinal clash against London Legends, the team encountered a fierce challenge, but a stellar performance by Daniel Onuoha, who scored an impressive 42 points, propelled them to victory and secured their spot in the final.

The championship showdown against Manchester Magic proved to be a nail-biting affair, with momentum swinging back and forth throughout the game. Despite facing adversity, the team rallied together, with standout performances from Leo Bowman, Daniel Onuoha, and Zan Milovidov. Leo Bowman’s exceptional display earned him the title of Final MVP, tallying an impressive 34 points and 11 rebounds, while Daniel Onuoha continued to shine with his 37-point contribution.

In a display of sheer determination and skill, the team dominated the fourth quarter, securing a decisive 105-78 victory and etching their names in history as National Champions. Watch the highlights here of this remarkable achievement created by one of the most influential basketball videographers DezeReels.

Reflecting on the remarkable journey, Coach Miguel McKelvey expressed his pride in the team’s accomplishments. He attributed their success to their unwavering belief in themselves and their commitment to each other. He lauded the players not only for their achievements on the court but also for their character and resilience as young men.

The Elite U14 squad’s triumph in the National Championship stands as a testament to their dedication, teamwork, and unwavering spirit, solidifying their place as one of the finest youth basketball teams in the country.


London Elite U15 Squad Shines at EYBL Superfinal in Bucharest

London Elite’s U15 basketball squad recently showcased their talent and resilience at the prestigious EYBL Superfinal in Bucharest, Romania. Despite facing formidable competition and challenging circumstances, the team’s performance was nothing short of remarkable.

In their opening game, the squad faced the home team, Dan Dacian Bucharest, with a massive home crowd cheering against them. Undeterred, the London Elite players displayed exceptional skill and teamwork, securing a commanding victory with a 14-point lead.

However, the journey was not without its challenges. In the second game against Austrian USBC Juniors Graz, the team suffered a setback when they lost starter guard Nathanael Martelly to injury early in the match. Despite the adversity, they fought valiantly in another closely contested game.

In the semi-final showdown against Lanciano, the game went down to the wire, with London Elite narrowly losing by just 2 points. Despite the defeat, Lanciano went on to claim the EYBL championship, highlighting the caliber of competition at the tournament.

Individually, standout performances were recognized. Kaya Biersen was named the team MVP for his consistent excellence throughout the tournament, while Eugene Tatunciac earned a spot in the tournament’s All-Star 5, showcasing his exceptional skills on the court.

In the third-place game, all players contributed significantly, demonstrating significant improvements since the beginning of the tournament. Despite narrowly missing out on a podium finish, London Elite finished in a highly respectable 4th place out of 12 teams in the Superfinal.

Head Coach Andre Lowe summed up: ” Boys made me and the club proud. Going into such high calibre tournament and making it so far shows how talented this unit is. I could not be more proud of how this team came together. We had a never-give-up attitude and showed character and fight and narrowly missed out on the championship game by 2 points in a game which went down to the wire. Experience players collected is unmatched.”

The team’s performance at the EYBL Superfinal underscores their talent, resilience, and determination to compete at the highest level. London Elite’s U15 squad has once again proven themselves as a formidable contender on the international basketball stage, bringing pride and recognition to the club and their supporters.

U15 EYBL Superfinal Bound

Hello, our basketball family!!

Get ready to witness the remarkable journey of the London Elite U15 team as they compete on international courts, showcasing their phenomenal progress en route to the EYBL Superfinal.

Our U15 squad has showcased exceptional skill and unwavering determination throughout their journey, having already contested eight games on foreign soil. With a commendable record of 6 wins and just 2 losses, they have solidified their position as formidable contenders in every match they undertake. Their outstanding performance during the regular season has not only garnered attention but also secured their well-deserved place in the Superfinals, ranking among the top eight teams in the entire EYBL.

Now, the next chapter in their journey unfolds as they set their sights on Bucharest, Romania. This upcoming endeavour is not merely another competition; it is an opportunity for our young athletes to exhibit their talents on a grand stage.

The boys will spend five days immersed in the intensity of competition, aiming to elevate their performance and ultimately lift the European trophy. This ambition follows in the footsteps of our remarkable U13 team from last year, whose success serves as both inspiration and motivation for our current squad. Coach Dre quotes: “We managed an excellent record heading into the super finals with a 6-2 winning record. The plan and hunger still remains the same the squad we have might be the most balanced squad we’ve had across all 3 stages from 1-12 and I’m really excited and can’t wait to start.”

At the forefront of our team stand the exemplary talents of Kaya Birsen and Daniel Olusanya. Their leadership, coupled with their exceptional abilities, serves as a beacon of inspiration for their fellow teammates.

Guiding them with proficiency and dedication is our esteemed Head Coach, Andre Lowe. Through his strategic acumen and unwavering mentorship, our team is poised to achieve greatness.

In an effort to ensure that every moment is experienced by our fervent supporters, all games will be live-streamed. Regardless of your location, you will have the privilege of immersing yourself in the excitement and intensity of each match.

Stay attuned for regular updates, exclusive insights, and behind-the-scenes access as our London Elite U15 squad embarks on this unforgettable voyage. Together, let us witness the manifestation of history in the making.

Stay tuned for regular updates, exclusive insights, and behind-the-scenes access as our London Elite U15 squad embarks on this prestigious journey. Join us on Instagram for exclusive behind-the-scenes updates, coach interviews, game highlights, and much more. Let’s come together and witness the making of history!


Year 2023 – A Remarkable Chapter in Our 4-Year Journey

As we bid farewell to 2023, a year etched in the annals of our club’s history, we reflect upon the incredible milestones that have made it arguably the most successful in our four-year journey.

National League Triumphs:
The year kicked off with resounding success as our U18 squad secured a coveted spot in the National Cup final after a fierce battle against Milton Keynes. Facing the London Legends in a thrilling final played in Manchester, our boys emerged victorious, clinching the title of National Champions. Simultaneously, our Division 2 side, under the guidance of Coach Daniel Szatkowski, achieved promotion to Basketball England’s top tier – Division 1.

Our talented junior teams continued the winning streak, with two squads making it to the Final Four event in Manchester. The U14s and U18s showcased their prowess, promising a formidable future for our club.

In the realm of girls’ basketball, our debut season in the National League saw our young squad earning promotion to the U16 South Premier League, marking a monumental achievement for our girls’ side.

EYBL Campaign:
Our foray into the European Youth Basketball League (EYBL) was nothing short of spectacular. The U20 team, under the strategic leadership of Oskar Striuga, embarked on a journey to Levice, Slovakia. The team exhibited commendable resilience against top-tier opponents, ultimately securing a remarkable 7th-place finish.

On the other side of the spectrum, our U13 squad, masterfully guided by Coach M. McKelvey, ventured to Budapest, Hungary. Displaying an upward trajectory in skill and passion, our young players faced off against formidable teams from across Europe. With standout performances from L. Bowman, D. Onuoha, and Z. Milovidov, the unthinkable was achieved – the U13 EYBL CHAMPIONSHIP! This triumph not only resonates within our club but also echoes across the European basketball community, marking a historic milestone for our organization.

Individual Achievements:
Our commitment to player development was further exemplified by numerous call-ups to represent London and the UK. Standout players such as Kaya Birsen, Ata Charles,E. Ahamefule, S. Emanelo, L. Campbell, and N. Djanogly earned spots in various national teams during the Euro Campaign 2023.

As the summer unfolded, our players garnered attention from programs worldwide, receiving offers from renowned institutions such as Jefferson College ( Devonte Sanusi), Adam’s University Philippines ( RJ SanDiego), Florida Coastal Prep ( Elise Guede), LA Sierra ( Jonah Bediako), Western Texas ( Liam Campbell), Strength and Motion Prep ( Hunter Kelleher), and Brewster Academy ( Nathaniel Djanogly).

A Glimpse into 2024:
As we celebrate the successes of 2023, we eagerly anticipate an even more remarkable 2024. The foundation has been set, and with unwavering dedication, we are poised for greater achievements, both on and off the court.

Cheers to a stellar 2023, and here’s to an even brighter 2024!

Back at it

The U15 team is gearing up for an unforgettable journey to Rome from the 7th to the 9th of September to participate in the prestigious EYBL U15 First Stage tournament. Organized by one of Europe’s premier junior clubs, Stella Azzura, this tournament promises fierce competition and unparalleled experiences for our young athletes. The U15 squad is eagerly anticipating this opportunity to showcase their talent on an international stage.

The Schedule:

  • Thursday, September 7th, 7:00 PM (UK Time): Our journey begins with an exciting clash against BC Sibiu from Romania. It’s a prime time match that will set the tone for our campaign in Rome.
  • Friday, September 8th, 10:00 AM (UK Time): On Friday morning, we face off against the formidable Italian side, Unibasket Lanciano. The early kickoff promises an intense battle on the court.
  • Friday, September 8th (Afternoon): After a thrilling morning game, our squad will take a break to explore the enchanting city of Rome. Sightseeing and cultural immersion await as we soak in the beauty of this historic city.
  • Saturday, September 9th, 8:00 AM (UK Time): We return to action early on Saturday morning, facing DEAC Academy from Hungary. The team is determined to bring their A-game and make their mark on the tournament.
  • Saturday, September 9th, 1:00 PM (UK Time): The closing game of this memorable journey takes place against Honved Budapest. The players are ready to leave it all on the court in pursuit of victory.

Meet Coach Dre Andre: We are thrilled to welcome Coach Dre Andre to our coaching squad. With a wealth of experience and enthusiasm, Coach Dre Andre will lead our U15 team during the upcoming season. In his own words, “I’m extremely excited to be joining a continuously improving program and a well-established organization within the community. During our EYBL experience, I aim to provide the players with the correct tools on and off the court to compete at the highest level among Europe’s best. We want to instill a hungry mentality and have a remarkable season in the NBL.”

Stay Connected: We encourage all our supporters to stay connected with us throughout this exciting journey. We will be providing regular updates on our social media channels, so be sure to follow us for behind-the-scenes action, player interviews, and more.

Live Streaming: For those unable to be in Rome, fear not! You can catch all the games live on our YouTube channel. Join us in supporting our boys as they embark on this new EYBL campaign for the 2023-2024 season. Let’s show our unwavering support and cheer them on from wherever you are in the world.

This trip to Rome is not just a basketball tournament; it’s an opportunity for our U15 squad to grow, learn, and make lasting memories. We’re excited to represent our club, our community, and our country on the international stage, and we can’t wait to see where this journey takes us. Go Elite!

A road less travelled.

It sounds like an incredible journey lies ahead for your U13 basketball team! The opportunity to travel to New York City and play against top teams like Asphalt Green and compete in the Summer Nationals tournament help between 18th and 20th of August at Spooky Nook is undoubtedly an exciting and challenging experience.

Playing against strong American competition will be a valuable learning experience for your players. It will not only test their skills and abilities but also provide them with the chance to measure their progress against elite teams. Such exposure will be instrumental in their development as both individual players and as a cohesive team.

Winning the EYBL title previously shows the potential and talent within your U13 team, and taking part in the Summer Nationals will help further nurture that potential. Under the guidance of Head Coach Miguel McKelvey, the boys will likely gain valuable insights, tactics, and strategies that will contribute to their growth on the court.

Trips like these not only foster basketball development but also offer unique cultural experiences for the players. Exploring New York City and experiencing its diverse and vibrant atmosphere will be an unforgettable aspect of the journey.

This trip marks a significant milestone in your team’s journey as they prepare for the 2023-2024 NBL U14 Prem season. The experiences gained during this adventure will undoubtedly contribute to their continued progress and success.

The journey has just begun, and we’ll be providing regular updates to keep you connected with every thrilling moment, from the court to the heart of the action. Stay tuned for inspiring victories, unforgettable plays, and the incredible experiences that this tournament holds for our talented U13 squad. 🏆🌎

Wishing our U13 team all the best in their endeavours as they embark on this road less travelled and continue to strive for excellence both on and off the basketball court!

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Yes, you read it right, London Elite’s talented U13 Team are European Youth Basketball League (EYBL) Champions for 2022/23! This is a fantastic achievement for our young side who beat some of Europe’s most prestigious basketball programmes to take the U13 crown.

The EYBL regular season had provided a tough test for our U13s, who finished with a 5-3 record – a great achievement in their first EYBL season, but not quite enough to qualify for the Superfinal. Then, one May evening, the squad were offered a wildcard place due to another team dropping out. This came in a period of new beginnings as the U13s waved a fond farewell to long-standing Head Coach Alek, and welcomed his replacement, Miguel McKelvey. Four talented new players also joined the ranks, with Daniel Onuoha, Pawel Obadowski, Leo Bowman, and Tay Asker bringing much needed depth and athleticism.

Grasping the opportunity to make London Elite history, Coach Miguel began preparations for the Superfinal, including competing in Brentwood Fire’s 1-day tournament. Some accomplished performances saw the boys bring home the trophy, ensuring we headed to the Superfinal brimming with confidence. The Team arrived in picturesque Budapest on Sunday 18th June, fired up and ready to begin their campaign the following day:

Game 1 saw the boys get off to a strong start against Slovakian side BBC Kamarno, securing a high-scoring 96-68 victory, with 5 players hitting double digits in scoring: D.Onuoha (25), Q.McKelvey (20), J.Toppin (15), P.Obadowski (14), and L.Bowman (10).

Game 2 presented a bigger challenge against Polish side Twarde Pierniki Torun, a team that finished 2nd in the EYBL North regular season, losing only 1 game.  Led by Quentin McKelvey (21 points, 7 rebounds), the boys started off strong and jumped to a solid 20-point lead. A spirited comeback from Twarde Pierniki saw our lead reduced to single figures, but the boys held on to secure their second win of the day 88-74.

Game 3 saw our boys matched against a Budapest Select team containing some of the top prospects in Hungarian basketball and boasting a regular season record of 8-2. Led by Leo Bowman (23 points, 10 steals, 7 rebounds) and Daniel Onuoha (21 points, 17 rebounds), our boys established a 10-point lead at half time. After a stirring talk from Coach Miguel, the team extended their lead to 20 points in the 3rd Quarter and sailed to a 67-57 victory.  London Elite had made the final and the dream was taking shape!

Daniel Onuoha stormed the Superfinal but claiming much deserved MVP title

The EYBL Final provided the ultimate test against Ukrainian side BC Uzhgorod, a highly competitive outfit with a 10-1 regular season record.  We got off to a flying start, with a 14-point lead by half-time, but the Ukrainians showed great resilience in the second half, making fifteen 3-pointers to bring the game back in their sights. Our boys’ did not disappoint, putting on a heroic performance to hold on for the win and secure the EYBL Title. Shout out to Daniel Onuaha (19 points, 8 rebounds), Jayden Toppin (16 points, 9 rebounds), Leo Bowman (11 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, Team MVP), and Aleksander Milovidov, our 6’4 giant who played at tremendous efficiency (27) and earned the Final MVP award.

A perfect end to the season and a true underdog story! Additional mentions to Quentin McKelvey who was ranked 4th overall for the EYBL season (ave. 22.3 points), and Daniel Onuaha who was voted Superfinals MVP (ave. 20.5 points, 13.3 rebounds, 26.5 Efficiency).

Head Coach Miguel McKelvey said: ”It was an honour to coach these players at EYBL. In addition to their talent, they are a great group of boys. They all have a love for the game that shows in how they play. They bought into our strategy and did a great job executing the game plan as a team. I congratulate them on their incredible accomplishment!

EYBL Superfinal Places Confirmed!

London Elite is thrilled to announce that our U13 and U20 squads have been invited to the prestigious European Youth Basketball League Superfinal – a fantastic achievement for our young Club! Shortly after attending our first ever Junior NBL Final Four event, and as we prepared to settle down for the off-season, we find ourselves focusing on the European campaign again!

The European Youth Basketball League (EYBL) is one of the most competitive leagues in Europe, providing a unique opportunity for our players to showcase their talents against the best players in Europe. Watched by scouts from across the globe, the EYBL often provides a springboard for talented young players to enter high-profile basketball programmes.

Our U20 Team return to the historic Town of Levice in Slovakia on 18th May, facing established basketball clubs including Slovakia Select, Dinamo Bucharest, and USK Prague. The Team will hope to build on their EYBL performances here earlier in the year, finishing with a 2-2 record. Led by Coach Daniel Szatkowski, the Team has been working hard, undertaking additional intensive preparation to ensure they maximise their potential in Slovakia. Coach Daniel said:  

‘This is a truly remarkable achievement for London Elite. The EYBL campaign has been extremely valuable for all of our teams, and to reach the Superfinal stage demonstrates how our Club is growing from strength to strength. Top 8 in an U20 league is a big achievement in itself, but I truly believe that with the players we are adding for this stage, we can make a big impact in the Superfinal.’

Our U13 squad return to the Hungarian Capital of Budapest on 19th June. The U13s represent one of the most exciting projects in the club, finishing the previous EYBL stage with 3 wins. Led by Quentin McKelvey (26.8 points per game), and Aleksandar Milovidov (11 rebounds per game), they will be full of confidence as they face the likes of Pamukspor SK, Budapest Select, and Alpha Basketball Sibiu.

Alongside this great news, we are delighted to announce that Coach Miguel McKelvey will take over the reins of our U14 Prem squad next season, replacing Coach Alek who has made the decision to step-down. Coach Miguel is a NCAA D1 Oregon Graduate and brings a real depth of knowledge to our talented side.  Coach Miguel said:

‘I am truly honoured by the opportunity to coach London Elite’s U14 team. We have a great group of young players with both exceptional talent and outstanding character. All of the players and coaches are excited about going to Budapest for the 3rd time this season – the EYBL has been a great opportunity to learn and grow as a team, and the Superfinal will be a springboard for our rising U13s as they prepare for U14 Prem next season.’

Look out on our social media channels for regular updates on each Team’s progress in the Superfinals.