Coach Kieran’s Summer Development at Colorado University NCAA Division 1 Program

We are thrilled to announce that Coach Kieran will be embarking on an incredible summer experience trip to Colorado, where he will spend two months working with the esteemed Buffaloes’ Strength and Conditioning team. This opportunity places Coach Kieran at the heart of one of the powerhouses of NCAA athletics, promising a wealth of knowledge and networking potential.

Colorado Buffaloes: A Legacy of Excellence
The Colorado Buffaloes have a storied history in NCAA Division 1 athletics, particularly in basketball. Their prominence was once again highlighted in 2024 when both the men’s and women’s basketball teams secured spots in the March Madness tournament. This achievement underscores the program’s competitive edge and dedication to excellence.

Adding to their accolades, the men’s team also clinched an impressive 3rd place finish in the Pac-12 tournament, further cementing their status as a dominant force in collegiate basketball. Over the years, Colorado has produced 36 NBA players, with the most renowned being Chauncey Billups, a testament to the program’s ability to develop top-tier talent.

Immersive Experience in Strength and Conditioning
During his time in Colorado, Coach Kieran will work closely with the Buffaloes’ popular Strength and Conditioning team. This group is known for their innovative approaches and rigorous training regimens that contribute to the athletes’ outstanding performance on the court. Coach Kieran will gain hands-on experience in advanced training techniques, recovery protocols, and performance optimization strategies.

Enhancing Professional Networks
Beyond the practical skills and knowledge, this experience offers Coach Kieran a unique chance to expand his professional network. Interacting with coaches, trainers, and staff from a top American program will provide invaluable connections and insights. These relationships can open doors to future collaborations and opportunities within the competitive landscape of NCAA athletics.

A Step Towards Excellence
This summer trip to Colorado is more than just a professional development opportunity; it is a step towards excellence for Coach Kieran. The lessons learned and connections made will undoubtedly enrich his coaching career, benefiting not only him but also the athletes he trains.

“I will be in Colorado for two months with the Colorado University Buffaloes,” Coach Kieran shares enthusiastically. “I will be there to learn as much as I can from one of the best strength and conditioning staffs in the country. As I start to shift more towards strength and conditioning delivery, this kind of learning opportunity is one I couldn’t pass up. The IUSCA, (with whom I have done my L4 basketball strength and conditioning and introduction courses,) have been really valuable in making this possible for me. I am thankful for the opportunity.”

Nothing is guaranteed, but the opportunity to be with a program like the Buffaloes, coming off an appearance at this year’s March Madness, is truly exciting. “I know that, like anything, I will get out what I put in. As long as I learn and come back able to deliver and provide better for the players at Elite, I am happy.” Good luck to coach K on his extraordinary journey filled with growth, learning, and the chance to be part of something truly exceptional in the heart of Colorado!

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