Merchandise shop is live!

2020 is by far the most challenging time Elite had to face. Trying to survive between numerous question marks around it’s not the easiest thing to do. London Elite is always driven by passion for youth basketball players from our capital.

There has been not a single day that our devoted GM Daniel Szatkowski and fantastic coaching staff would spend without thinking how to deliver even better quality service to the club, its members and our young Londoners.

With lockdown coming to the end we can not wait to see our players hitting court again and working on what they love most: Basketball. Contrary to what you may expect, during lockdown club was not frozen or idle . We decided to make the most of this time, be creative and progressive. The fruit of this is a unique Elite merchandise stock with brand new designs and adequate selling platform . Our website Manager Onur Birsen alongside Media Head Ivan Grotsev lined up with Coach Daniel’s wife Eva to created amazing platform with products which were not available before. Our GM Daniel Szatkowski said:

To have such an amazing team of people who are devoted to constant work on improvement of club, it is nothing short of miracle. Energy, creativity and commitment is something what makes this club such a strong organisation to overcome Covid-19 crisis. Branding of our club has been taken to another level”

In our shop section you can purchase multiple items, some of which can be personlised. From hats, through accessories and game uniforms into jackets and bags. This shop is place where you can find a lot of helpful items. Simple head to Shop | London Elite and follow instructions for free UK delivery. Enjoy!

Needles to say is that the selling platform has been created to support London Elite Club us during difficult COVID-19 time and every purchase counts towards helping us to stay afloat . We want to maintain our focus on serving young people and local communities. Hopefully you will find something special for this unique Christmas gift adequate for every Basketball lover no matter the age.

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