Whole New Level

We are thrilled to announce that from season 20/21 we are extending our partnership with London School of Basketball to whole new level.

Our club has grown into leading force of basketball program that provides opportunities from grassroots basketball all the way to international experience. In first year of existing we have grown in numbers from 60 to over 180. We have signed extra 5 coaches and extended competitions. From upcoming season we will be providing National League platform, EYBL exposure to U17 and U20 to all Capital City Academy students who already compete in ABL

This did not go unnoticed as CEO of LSB Nhamo Shire said: “London Elite are a rapidly rising and hugely ambitious club who are already active in Europe and domestic leagues, so offer our Capital City Academy players some excellent outlets in terms of ongoing progression and exposure.  However, their commitment to the grassroots is what most impressed me as we discussed linking in with them.  They are already heavily involved in over 15 primary schools across Brent and Ealing with many more to come.  Setting up the complete pathway pyramid from beginner through to elite is something we are keen to get behind and so will be supporting London Elite in a number of ways in the months and years ahead as we continue to develop the game across the region”

Capital City Academy is located in borough of Brent and offers great education courses alongside amazing basketball set up. Facilities are well known to London basketball players as 500 seater venue will be a home for London Elite Div 3, U18 and U16 in new season.

The LSB, in partnership with Capital City Academy, has launched a new scholarship program for gifted & talented student-athletes enrolled at the Capital City Basketball Academy. Scholarship bursaries range from £500-£1,500 per year, per award and may be used to support direct training costs with eligible areas including travel, equipment, kit, specialist coaching, tutoring, and video performance analysis all geared towards elite performance.

Director Daniel Szatkowski said:” It is no brainer that our vision and LSB vision is pretty much same. We have massive grassroots platform and create pathway all the way to EYBL competitions. With support of Ambassador program, Trip for prestigious BBT tournament in Belgrade, Unique recruitment platform and SAT back up at Capital city… we are destine for success. Lots of hard work but i am confident myself and coach Kieran Matthews can deliver unique championship environment.”

Additionally to our EYBL trips, National League competition we provide for Capital City players we can officially confirm our attendance in Belgrade Basketball Tournament organised by Serbian powerhouse: Partizan Belgrade. Please see all details https://www.london-basketball.com/titans-set-sights-on-serbia/

Should you express an interest and you believe you have what it takes to gain unique experience please apply here: https://www.london-basketball.com/capital-city-trial/.

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