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Champions within…

London Elite U12 has been crowned a champions for most competitive Basketball competition there was in season 19/20. In our first season in operation, as a rising force in London basketball we have come first in CBL U12 Division 1!

Since opening first time doors to new members in summer 2019, philosophy of club has been very clear with development as a center point of whole club. Our coach Daniel Szatkowski is a biggest fun of grassroots basketball, spending countless hours in primary schools to get more kids in love with basketball. “We want to put a lot of effort in area where it matters most… grassroots!” Coach Daniel said. It did not take him long before establishing very competitive U12 team with regular sessions taking place at Alec reed Academy in Northolt. Within few month London Elite was able to establish 2nd U12 team providing additional experience to our younger players.

CBL had proven to be extremely competitive league with lots of great talent on teams across London. By far our biggest challange was a American team OWE Zoo Crew which our young squad faced in very first game (link for the game:

Coach Daniel said:”Zoo Crew pushed us all the way in that game. With amazing talent on roster, amazing coaching and one of biggest support in whole league that team was a problem for us. However Safin brothers really stepped up in that game and helped collecting really important win and additional booster in confidence for our boys. Anton collected MVP f the game while his brother Thomas was key factor on offense. I really have to give credit to that Zoo Crew organisation for the great work they do”

One of highlights of the season was Christmas trip to Belgium for Coca cola basketball tournament where our team came 7th of 32 teams proving there is bright future lying ahead of us. With a lot of players still being in u11 age group (K.Birsen, C.Sagun, D.Olusanya, M.Davendra) our team fought really brave against top teams from France, Belgium and Germany. It was definitely great experience and helped boys understand how great basketball journey can be.

We are really happy to see our youngsters shining at London stage and we value every single one of them in their basketball journey. Kaya Birsen was really consistent with all trainings and games showing he cannot be stopped by any other guard in whole league. It is hard to believe Kaya is still U12 next season and will lead our side once again.

In our short history we have managed to collect first ever official Championship and we are truly proud of all support from parents, effort from players and coaches. Our u12 roster for the season was: K.Birsen, M.Davendra, J. Bernadin, A.Safin, T.Safin, C.Sagun, D.Olusanya, E.Aroyo, J.Balaba.

As our season is officially over, we are already planning preparation for campaign 20/21. Look out to our social media for details of coming up trials!

What a start of 2020 for our players!

As our club has entered new calendar year with great trip to Xmas tournament in Belgium, we did not forget how important it is to compete in all our regular competitions. Every player across London Elite is improving significantly, furthermore few of our boys earned special individual awards in January 2020.

Aaron Pyne has joined our program in summer 2019 and from day one showed good ability to perform at highest possible level. As he is our main point guard, he shows no fear towards top competition in Europe leading our U17’s team in EYBL competition. Aaron earned very prestigious All Star 5 tournament which is given to best players of whole stage!

Our teams compete in London School of Basketball league which has grown into one of most competitive leagues in country. Our U12’s and U14’s show on regular bases that our program is one of most competitive in whole country. But this success would not be possible without individual performances of our players.

Jaidan Midha has been outstanding throughout whole season and Belgium tournament gave him additional boost of confidence which Jaidan used in LSB U14 age category, leading our side to improve our record to 4-1!

Jaidan recorded unbelievable 56 points on day in 2 games. He scored 32 points against Westside and followed with 24 against Greenwich Admirals.His shooting ability is very much needed for our team! He truly deserved player of the month January in U14 London Premier League!

Our U14’s Head Coach Matt Williams said: “It’s been a absolute pleasure coaching a future 5 star player, hard working, resilient, calm under pressure and mature above his years. His commitment and work ethic puts him a great place for his basketball future”

As our U12 team is marching to claim first place after regular season, it has been noticed that our results would not be possible without our fiercy guard, Kaya Birsen. Despite being still U11 he shows no fear against older competition. Kaya shows lots of potential in basketball. In months ahead, this is exactly what our team needs!#

Our own Myles Davendra had a great start of the year in both, on and off the court. After returning from Xmas tournament in Belgium he proved that he is not only one of most improving players across our U12 team but represents pour club in excellent way at his school! We are really proud to say Myles Represent club excellent not only while playing, but he earn very prestigious golden medal at Ealing Schools Challenge Quest where he delivered great presentation called “Eat, Sleep…play basketball”. It is our pride to say that Myles met coach Daniel at his primary school sessions when he was 8 years old. What a journey Myles has had so far! He played his first international tournament in December, he competes on our first U12 team and what is most exciting… there is more to come!

Aquarius Xmas tournament 2019

On 26th december 2019 three of our squads boarded on beautiful 57 seater coach from Dhillon of London to head across the channel to compete in one of biggest youth tournaments which attracts teams from across the globe. This year edition saw over 2500 players compete on 14 different venues.

Three of our squads played 5 games each over 3 days in city of Kortrijk, Belgium.

U12 team won 2 out of 5 games and finished on very good 11th position out of 42 teams. Team was led by fiercy guard Kaya Birsen supported by Christopher Sagun, Ethan Arroyo and Justin Balaba. Most of our boys were still U11 and this tournament came as unbelievable experience. Coach Daniel said: “I still can’t believe what kind of progress boys made throughout of this tournament. Boys came back to London as different players and enhanced greatly the team. I could not imagine better opportunity for boys then this experience.”

U12 truly enjoyed their first international tournament

“Certain players never played at international stage, likes of Myles Davendra, Elfatih Hassan or Jamie Bernadine will definitely build on this experience in coming years. I am really proud of their effort and progress they made throughout this tournament” continues coach Daniel.

U14’s squad was probably the most improved team across all 3 age groups despite winning only 1 game at end of the tournament. Progress made was visible with each game boys played. Isaiah Manderson and Jaidan Midha were 2 among our u14 who returned to London with their head up, collecting much needed experience. Coach Matt said: This Belgium adventure was the under 14’s and some individuals 1st ever European and full 40 min game play. I can’t be more proud of a team that has improved with every game. They picked themselves up and pushed themselves each game striving for improvement.

“London Elite is here to help improve individuals and communities through inclusion in sports – “we don’t have to win games to be a winning club with a winning inclusive culture for all“

As oldest team that travelled to Belgium, U16 squad went on their first ever International trip, knowing it will be difficult task ahead. However led by Antony Atakpu and fiercy guards of Alex Wildish and Nezelle Soberano, boys started tournament high with 57-54 win secured by late 3 by N.Soberano. Even other games turned to be a learning curve, boys finished on high with 7 point win in last game to head back London with 2 wins out of 5. Head Coach Mauro Di Nunzio said:”The tournament has been an outstanding possibility for the kids to play in a new dimension for them in which the level of physicality, tactical and technical skills was important . We learned from wins and defeats and we brought back a lot of experience back to London. Antony Atakpu was crucial throughout all the tournament for his ability to block the offensive shot in the area and in the last game he brought the intensity up scoring important baskets on a run in the 4th quarter”

What is really important, this trip would not be such a success if it was not a help from our brilliant parents. Over 10 parents went with teams to support teams in action. We are truly appreciating this kind of support!

Little documentary video from trip is coming, gallery is already on but what most important… we left as teams but came back as great club!

Elite at X-Mass tournament in Belgium

As a history of tournament goes back to 2007, it is well established and known tournament that attracts teams from across the globe. This year edition brings teams from USA, Canada, Spain, Serbia, Germany and many more.

As London Elite season is fully underway in domestic and International leagues, we have fantastic news for our younger age groups as U12, U14 and U16 teams will take part in probably biggest youth basketball tournament in Europe which takes place 27th-29th December in beautiful town Kortrijk,Belgium.

Director of X-Mas Tournament Peter De Lepeleire said:” As organizer of the 2019 Aquarius X-Mas Tournament i warmly welcome one of the biggest basketball clubs in London to their event.During the three days of competitions, they will compete against opponents from Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada and 14 other countries.We hope it will be an outstanding experience for them ! “

Our U12 team has successfully started their Division 1 CBL league and currently sit on top of table. At tournament in Belgium our boys will face two Belgium teams, BBC Oostkamp and home team Kortrijk Spurs. Teams from Belgium, Netherland, Romania and Switzerland participate in tournament alongside our boys.

Coach Matt Williams cannot wait for the Belgium trip – “to experience European tournament play against high calibre competition show how far London Elite and UK basketball has progressed. A true opportunity for all age groups to bond and grow. This is a fantastic opportunity to evaluate and for coaches and players to step back and understand the reason why we are family club for the community”. U14 boys team will face Basketball ACA Amsterdam and teams from Belgium: Belfius Mons Hainaut and Antwerp Giants.

U16 teams is also enjoying undefeated start of their season while preparing to their first international trip. Head Coach Mauro Di Nunzio said:” We are looking forward to play the X-Mas tournament because the boys will play in a competitive environment and it only means we are getting better. I am quite sure that the boys will give the heart and hustle possession by possession. “

Our U16 boys in group stage will face teams from Belgium: Antwerp Giants, and Spalding Selection and German SC Rist Wedel.

Our Head Coach and Director of London Elite said:”to be part of such an amazing tournament is just a privilege to our club. It shows the journey we have made in the last 6 months and what is a true philosophy of London Elite family”

All players and coaches will travel on executive 57 seater coach provided by Dhillon of London to whom we would like to say massive: Thank You!

All live updates will be posted on Instagram and Facebook so please head to our social media for all updates!


Two of our boys teams took part in Hoop Dreams tournament which took place on 1st December at beautiful ACS Cobham venue.

Both squads are building on a successful start of the season as they started top Division of CBL London with perfect 2-0 record. Having done intensive preseason and played numerous friendlies our squads entered competitive tournament organised on monthly basis.

First two group games our squads won in convincing way. U16 beat Sevenoaks Suns and Bracknell Cobras booking their spot in final. Our younger team faced Richmond Knights and Woking Blackhawks and collected 2 solid wins on their way to the final.

U12 had their own final played first, facing Bracknell Cobras. Despite great effort from Cobras team our boys showed a great team effort and an offence execution, winning their first ever final and collecting first club ever trophy!

U12 Head Coach Daniel Szatkowski said: “it was a very beneficial day for us, great opportunity to rotate all players providing needed experience. Great to see boys collecting first ever trophy but i am more then sure this is just a beginning.”

Their older friends faced challenging game from Kingston Wildcats in final of their own. As result was tie at Half time, it was coach Mauro team they picked more intensity in 2nd half claiming 2nd trophy of the day winning by 8 points.

Head Coach Mauro said:” We are still learning and it is longer process. I am happy with effort boys put but we have lots to work on.”

Next game for U16 will be in CBL Division 1 as they face London Halos while our younger boys will visit high caliber tournament organised by Zoo Crew on 21st December.

U12’s starts their season in a perfect way.

London Elite start their first ever season together with perfect 2-0 record. As a part of CBL premier division, our young squad made themself proud with 2 wins which did not come easy.

In first ever competitive game, our U12 squad faced Zoo Crew at our home venue, Alec Reed Academy. Game showed much of interest from parents and friends which in total reached over 60 people .

Game started with our point Guard Kaya Birsen sinking 2 back to back 3s lifting crowd to their feet. It was clear signal for Elite U12 to grow in confidence really quick. First quarter finished with commanding lead 12-4 behind great display from Anton Safin on both ends of the floor.

However Zoo Crew which is an American team entering their first season in London top division, never looked to give up and claimed next 2 quarters behind really strong performance from their guard Aldric Trotter.

Nevertheless, it was the game that London side much needed. Great atmosphere, intensed game, close score. When both sides went into 4th quarter with tie result, it was our Anton Safin who performed with unbelievable maturity leading our side to very important 44-36 win in first ever game!

In 2nd game of CBL division 1 our u12 squad faced our local west London rivals Chiswick Gators. Game started with trading baskets and none of side being able to establish bigger lead.

As game remained close throughout first half, it was Elite u12 team that put next gear in in 2nd half establishing double digit lead behind offensive display from Kaya Birsen who earned himself a MVP of the game securing our talented side 2nd win in the league moving on to 2-0.

Head coach Daniel Szatkowski stated:”Being thrown into such a deep water without previous experience of playing together was truly a tough test. The American Side Zoo Crew showed great coaching and really high understanding of the game. I am truly proud of our side who sticked together and won both close games. This is long term process and we are heading in the right direction”

Our u12 team will take part in Hoop Dreams tournament on 1st December followed by 3rd round of CBL League on 22nd December, against Barnet Bulldogs.