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Phase No.2

Basketball can change lives. Basketball has the power to change lives. When we first met Aaron Pyne , who joined among other junior Elitarians our dreams and visions were not wide enough to encompass such a leader and personality to be part of our team.

In 2019, shortly after opening London Elite club, Aaron Pyne made a big impact on our U17’s team leading it to good campaign in prestigious EYBL league. His outstanding performance did not go unnoticed as Aaron was selected to All Star 5 at the stage in Poland, Lublin.

“I could tell from beginning that Aaron has this special gift of competitiveness. He was always confident in achieving goals and worked really hard. It was amazing to assist him on this journey.”

Aaron not only shone at international level but helped our club achieve what is hard to believe, two U18 titles in most completive leagues, CBL and RBL. Furthermore Aaron was awarded RBL MVP. It is hard to believe this could be achievable without Aaron’s help. His contribution on court was more then outstanding.

Aaron said:” I decided to join London Elite because I was looking for more competitive environment. I really loved that I got pushed and developed into high standards PG. Sometimes I look back and I can’t believe how much of great memories have had at Elite. Winning championships, having basketball family, travel around Europe. This was big part of me becoming who I am now. I am truly grateful to coach Daniel and coach Kieran for all help, Capital City Academy for all support.

Following the profile of our program which is to help UK players achieve their dream and secure full scholarship to play overseas. Aaron is just yet another testimony. We are proud of what he has achieved and thrilled to have another of our Elitarian being noticed and given a chance for further basketball career and oversea education.

Next chapter is ahead of Aaron, but we are more then confident he will far as his talented and working ethic are on different level. Our general Manager Daniel Szatkowski said :

“I am more then proud of Aaron achievement. He has inspired lots of new players to join us, he made London Elite recognisable across UK, assisted Elite in achieving championships. His overall contribution to elite family will go unmatched for long time.”

Sky is the limit.

Anthony Atakpu. Our own Anthony.

We are more then pleased to announce his commitment to Elevate Prep school which is part of 212 Academy on full sports scholarship!

Anthony is yet another player who successfully committed to great basketball program in USA. Following steps of Odaine Beckford, Alex Wildish and Stephen Ovia, he will join program based in Florida that competes against big programs like OCP, Victory Rock, Rocktop Academy etc.

Elevation Prep is known from having experience and successful coaching staff, John Mahoney who previously was part of coaching staff at Virginia West or Michigan state.

Program not only has outstanding coaching staff, but currently has proven track of players who made it to NBA. Likes of Jonathan Isaac (Orlando Magic), Anfernee Simons (Portland Trailblazers) or Bruno Fernando (Atlanta Hawkes) are just a great testimony of what is going on at 212 Academy program.

Anthony Atakpu joined our program 2 years ago. He was one of first members that our club have welcomed within its structure. He not only showed amazing talent but is also a great example what hard work can do. Anthony progressed from local league, through EYBL into England U18’s squad showing what potential player he is. Best part of it is that he is still early in his career and he has all abilities to make it all the way.

Anthony was a part of our Championship U18’s squad and we would not be able to lift first ever U18 trophy (RBL) if it was not dominant performance from our upcoming star.

He claimed RBL MVP award after leading our squad to victory over Baltic Stars.

Coach Daniel said: “Anthony is very unique player. Always stepped up to challenge we faced. To se him grow, overcome his own limits it is truly rewarding for me as a coach. I had privilege to work with Anthony for two year. He will be truly missed as he is loved teammate, but it is right time for him to fly out of nest and go where needs to go.”

Anthony is just yet another testimony what London Elite is providing young players in London. Amazing platform for achieving their goals. We had a chance to ask Anthony about his experience during his time with us. This is what he said:

“London Elite was recommended to my by my friend Nezelle. After finding out what achievement coach Daniel had, i decided to trust him. I know this was just right decision. I learnt how to play aggressive at all time and how to work with other great players as a team. We had amazing time at Elite, won championship, created brotherhood with other players. This will always stay with me wherever i go. I am grateful for all support, love and help i received from my teammates, coaches and teachers at Capital City Academy.

You can find all details on Elevation prep school website: 212° Academy | Basketball | Sarasota, FL (twotwelvesports.com)

Aiming stars

Prolific Prep School. Name familiar to many basketball fans in whole world. Program based in Napa Valley north of San Francisco. Known as “Pro Prep” for short, Prolific Prep includes a highly qualified staff and offers the opportunity for top US players who compete with accomplished International level athletes, a unique fusion that provides an unparalleled competitive advantage. Program is run by famous Coach Billy McKnight who was two years as head coach at the United States Basketball Academy in Blue River, Oregon. Program has produced multiple NBA players with recent Jalen Green who has been selected with number 2 pick in NBA draft 2021 by Houston Rockets.

Prolific Prep head coach Billy McKnight said: “We look forward to having Alex part of our program at Prolific Prep this upcoming year. Prolific Prep will again be one of the top programs in the country as we compete for a national championship. Alex will bring toughness and versatility at the guard position. We look forward to having him and helping our back court.”

We could not be happier to see our player, Alex Wildish being part of such a famous program. Alex performances has not gone unnoticed by American coaches and in season 21/22 Alex will proudly wear Prolific jersey.

Having led our U18 to RBL title was one of signs of talent Alex has. Not long after his dominant performance Alex another inspiring performance saw our club collect CBL title with win over Brixton Topcats. Alex collected MVP award.

Head Coach Daniel Szatkowski said:” Alex is a very unique player. He can come in at most difficult time of the game and changed dynamics of the game. In RBL final our team was down 14 in 4th quarter. Alex came in and led our great comeback for RBL title. Knowing calibre of Prolific Prep is breath-taking but in other hand i know, that Alex has clearly earned it and deserves it. He will be truly missed but he is just another testimony what London Elite is about.”

We Had a chance to sit down and ask Alex couple questions:

1)What made you join London Elite?

-It was a level of coaching and competition attracted me and I already had connections with coaches and players from past. Environment is very friendly and competitive at the same time.

2)What did you learn during the time with us?

-At Elite I learned how to be a better teammate and I gained skill and grew as a player in many ways. It transferred directly to my game and help me reach another level.

3)What was best thing during your stay at Elite?

-The best thing during my time at elite was winning both championships and being the MVP of one. These memories will stay with me forever. I am glad i could contribute to overall success of the club.

4)What would you advise next generation of players?

-I would advise the next generation to never give up, stay consistent with the work you put in and be a student of the game. Do not let anyone to outwork you.

We are very thankful for all Alex has done for our club. He great performance helped us sweep U18 season and off court he become one of us. True friend and brother to all of our players and coaches. Best of luck Alex!

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Coach Lee Welcome Aboard!

Coach Lee welcome to the team! We are thrilled to have you at London Elite . With your exceptional skills and expertise, our dynamic club will progress to new heights! We are excited to have you onboard

Lee, level 3 coach has already over 18 years of experience in coaching different levels in UK. From EABL, ABL level, across national league U18 all the way to community coaching. His range of experience is well known and respected across basketball community in United Kingdom. Lee McCarthy started his basketball journey with a junior program of London Towers where he won National league titles in all age groups. Having finished junior basketball he moved on to Senior level where he won Division 1 championship with Reading Rockets. He continued his professional career in Turkey and Portugal before returning to BBL.

In 2008 coach Lee opened Bucks Hornets club based in Aylesbury area which competed at National League level, then in 2018 moved to south London and took the Head Coach role at Harris Academy Crystal Palace. This year coach Lee McCarthy will take over U12 squad in our domestic competitions for reminder of season 20/21. His experience in basketball will significantly assist our club in providing best basketball development pathway and will be a valuable and terrific asset. Here is what he had to say: “I am passionate about developing elite players both on and off the court. There’s little more satisfying as a coach than seeing a young player I have worked with develop some of the skills and personal attributes needed to eventually perform at the top level. I’m really excited to be joining London Elite”

Our club is committed to providing best possible provision, therefore adding Coach Lee is another step to building amazing club. His role will be in leading our talented U12 team in domestic competitions while we are looking on adding international tournament in this summer. Check quote from our GM Daniel Szatkowski:

Our u12 squad is still open for taking new members. If you are interested in taking part in this exciting project, please contact coach Daniel on 07453314867 or [email protected].

Champions within…

London Elite U12 has been crowned a champions for most competitive Basketball competition there was in season 19/20. In our first season in operation, as a rising force in London basketball we have come first in CBL U12 Division 1!

Since opening first time doors to new members in summer 2019, philosophy of club has been very clear with development as a center point of whole club. Our coach Daniel Szatkowski is a biggest fun of grassroots basketball, spending countless hours in primary schools to get more kids in love with basketball. “We want to put a lot of effort in area where it matters most… grassroots!” Coach Daniel said. It did not take him long before establishing very competitive U12 team with regular sessions taking place at Alec reed Academy in Northolt. Within few month London Elite was able to establish 2nd U12 team providing additional experience to our younger players.

CBL had proven to be extremely competitive league with lots of great talent on teams across London. By far our biggest challange was a American team OWE Zoo Crew which our young squad faced in very first game (link for the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDVjyoE_gfE&feature=emb_title).

Coach Daniel said:”Zoo Crew pushed us all the way in that game. With amazing talent on roster, amazing coaching and one of biggest support in whole league that team was a problem for us. However Safin brothers really stepped up in that game and helped collecting really important win and additional booster in confidence for our boys. Anton collected MVP f the game while his brother Thomas was key factor on offense. I really have to give credit to that Zoo Crew organisation for the great work they do”

One of highlights of the season was Christmas trip to Belgium for Coca cola basketball tournament where our team came 7th of 32 teams proving there is bright future lying ahead of us. With a lot of players still being in u11 age group (K.Birsen, C.Sagun, D.Olusanya, M.Davendra) our team fought really brave against top teams from France, Belgium and Germany. It was definitely great experience and helped boys understand how great basketball journey can be.

We are really happy to see our youngsters shining at London stage and we value every single one of them in their basketball journey. Kaya Birsen was really consistent with all trainings and games showing he cannot be stopped by any other guard in whole league. It is hard to believe Kaya is still U12 next season and will lead our side once again.

In our short history we have managed to collect first ever official Championship and we are truly proud of all support from parents, effort from players and coaches. Our u12 roster for the season was: K.Birsen, M.Davendra, J. Bernadin, A.Safin, T.Safin, C.Sagun, D.Olusanya, E.Aroyo, J.Balaba.

As our season is officially over, we are already planning preparation for campaign 20/21. Look out to our social media for details of coming up trials!